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Motorcycle Rental Questions


How is the regulation of the deposit and the insurance?

The motorcycles have general liability insurance against personal injury, property damage and financial loss, with a deposit of 600 € per rented motorcycle or 400€ per rented scooter (125cc). The deposit must be paid by credit card. The amount will be reimbursed in full as soon as the motorcycle is returned undamaged, in the same condition to us.


What's the point of an full risks insurance?

In the normal daily motorcycle tariff is included the third party insurance. However this kind of insurance does not cover the produced damages on the motorcycle or on the gear if is your own fault. The optional full risk insurance covers the resulted costs over 1200€ (for the motorcycles) and 800€ (for the 125 cc scooters). So, if you book this kind of insurance you have to pay, in case of damage, maximum 1200€ (for a motorcycle) or 800€ (for a 125 cc scooter).


What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is 24 hours.


What is the minimum age or maximum for rental ?

The minimum age is 25 years old and maximum is 75 years old.


Do I need a minimum experience level to rent a motorcycle?

Depending on the type of motorcycle you would like to rent, we have different requirements about the minimum experience level. Under experience we understand any kind of motorcycle experience (A1, A2, A). For the 125cc is mandatory to have a car driving licence (B with at least 3 years experience or a motorcycle driving licence (A1, A2 or A). Please check the red info box from the specific motorcycle you would like to rent. If you have doubts please contact us.


Do I need an international driving licence if I am from outside Europe?

Yes, you need an International Driver’s license which is required by European Law.


What if I want to cancel my booking?

You can cancel your reservation any time before the beginning of the rental, by email or contact form of the website. In the case of a cancellation you have to pay the cancellation costs, which are calculated from the rental price as follows:

  • more than 30 days before arrival: 0€ (no cancellation costs);
  • 29 to 15 days before arrival: 10% of the rental price;
  • 14 to 1 days before arrival: 20% of the rental price;

What should I do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident you have to call the police immediately, on 112. In case you need road assistance for the damaged motorcycle call on (+34) 900 30 01 88 or (+34) 91 111 95 47 or if you are abroad +34 93 366 95 81 and also please inform us immediately and we will try to help you.


Can I use the motorcycle off-road or on a racetrack?

Track riding and non-asphalt roads are strictly prohibited on all motorcycles. There is no insurance coverage on the motorcycles for off-road or racetrack riding and you will be responsible for the full amount of the damages and loss of income to Pic y Pic Motos Canarias.


Where can I pick up the motorcycle ?

You can pick up the motorcycle for free, on our Shop.


And other requirements for the rental?

Beside of a valid driving licence for the motorcycle you would like to rent, you will also need a valid credit card (on your own name and with enough limit) to pay the deposit and your valid passport or ID.


Can I keep the motorcycle some extra days?

In case you would like to rent the motorcycle some extra days, please contact us and we will check the best possibility.


Can I book a motorcycle directly in your shop?

We adapt our opening hours to the existing bookings. The best way to book a motorcycle is on our website or alternatively calling or sending us an email.


Can I travel with the motorcycle to other Canary Islands?

Yes, of course. But please inform us before.


What if I have a flat tyre on the road?

We check the tires and measure the profile before every single client. So in case you have a flat tire on the way, you will be charged only for the rest value of the tyre. All you have to do is to call the road assistance on (+34) 900 30 01 88 or (+34) 91 111 95 47 or if you are abroad +34 93 366 95 81, change the tyre in the next work shop and keep the bill for us.


What should I do if I damage the motorcycle or rented gear?

In the event of any damage of the motorcycle or the rented gear, without the involvement of third parties, please inform us.


I have the perfect gift for a friend, a motorcycle rental. How do I organise it?

Great idea! In this case you can contact us and we will organise the perfect gift for your friend!


What if the motorcycle breaks down?

In this case, please call us on (+34) 616 29 60 53 or (+34) 618 61 24 88 and we will find the best solution for you.


How much do I have to pay in advance during the online booking process?

Only 20% of the total rental prince. The rest of 80% will be charged during the pick-up, directly in our shop.
Into the shop we accept card or cash payments.

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